Sunday, February 2, 2014

     The web conference started with a survey on the superbowl picks for this upcoming weekend.  I really thought this was neat because it reiterates how Dr. Borel likes to build relationships.  Go Denver!
     This weeks web conference was once again very informative. Dr. Borel really keeps us up to date with what is due and when. We went over the assignment for week 3 and did 10 of the questions form one of the sections. Going over the questions was helpful and it did teach us that we really need to invest in the APA manual.  Dr. Borel mostly discussed the action research plan as well as the template. She went over APA format as well as showed us some examples. We talked about posting to TK20 and the seven documents that are included. We also talked about campus supervised logs and that we need to include reflections.  We discussed the course embedded logs on courses we have already completed and that there is also a form for this. She said that we need to reflect on these with at least two to three sentences, however most people are giving paragraphs which is just fine.  All of the forms are located in the resource section as well as the Google Doc for this class

Once again it was a very good web conference.

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